Hello Session (Malta-Spain)

Hi everybody!

Some days ago we had our first “Hello Session” with Malta. We connected by means of ooVoo (a videoconference software) and said “Hello” to each other.


There were no way of saying nothing more because of the excitement of our pupils and the resulting noise in the classes. Nevertheless, it was an important moment because my Spanish pupils realized that there were real people at the other side of the project, and the Maltese pupils did the same.

In Spain we had problems with the projector, and the session was held directly on my laptop. In the following photo you can see my pupils crowd together in front of the little screen in order to see their Maltese partners.




First contact (from Spain)


This week we have started to go to school in Spain. Summer is over, and the memories about the beach, the sun and the free time are kept into the wardrobe, with our swimsuit.

But, now it is time of FUN! as it is time of LEARNING!

My pupils of Zaragoza (Spain) are to discover this year how to be more creative, more entrepreneur and happier while going to school. They must be ready at 8:00 (Wed, Thu and Fri) to deal with their Technology Teacher, I mean, Me :-)

I have told them what they are going to do this course, and they are excited and frightened, specially about using English as core language. My dear pupils, you will find this project very motivating (I hope so!) and you will discover that the English language is not a problem, because it is not a barrier, but a bridge. A bridge that is gathering us together, breaking the real barriers (distance, cultural differences, and ages) that separate us.

So, Use English, Have Fun and Make Friends.