Conclusion of project in Spain

It is June, and our Spanish pupils are preparing for their final examinations. It has been a long journey from last September, and the projects developed have been finished. Here are the results!

a) SéTú T-Shirts: These girls have bought and painted some T-Shirts with beautiful drawings and now they are selling them.



b) The Students´Corner: these pupils have created a webpage with the motto “We Learn Sharing Ideas”, in order to let pupils and teachers co-work to improve the Education.

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c) Magazine “Teenagers”: this team has designed and written a magazine about teenagers´topics.

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Local festivities: “El Pilar”

Hi world!

Last weekend we celebrated in Zaragoza our local festivities in the honour of the “Virgen del Pilar”. It is thought that María, mother of Jesus (son of the Christian God), appeared to the apostle Santiago near to the river Ebro (where nowadays there is a big church commemorating it.



In October the 12th we honour the Virgen del Pilar by bringing her flowers (this year, about 350.000 people made it, dressed with the regional costume)